Educate Africa’s leaders on the correct protocol, image and leadership skills to ensure international business flourishes.


Create greater opportunities for Africans to improve their standing in life.


African leaders whom are competent and build greater strength and persuasion on a global scale.

Virtual Training and an Online Courses

AfroProtocol is proud to announce that we are now offering Virtual Trainings and Pre-Recorded Online Trainings.

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Rich with resources and potential business opportunities, Africa is abound with many attractive qualities that magnetize the foreign world to this diverse continent.

However do we have sufficient knowledge on the International rules of engagement to harness these opportunities?

The African Institute of Protocol offers a range of developmental courses for individuals, government and International organizations that improve your:

  • People skills;
  • Professional business skills; and
  • Management of diplomatic, ceremonial and VIP Events.

Without this knowledge you may unknowingly cause offence often resulting in shame, dishonour and disrespect to your country or organisation.  The cost to you may be extremely expensive due to loss of lucrative contracts and potential opportunities.

AfroProtocol provides you with the knowledge to host VIP’s of every level.  It allows you the confidence to navigate this highly complex environment mingling and conversing on an equal footing with world super powers, Presidents, Ambassadors, Diplomats and Executives of International Corporations. This affords you the calm reassurance of performing your job professionally and effortlessly.

AfroProtocol, prepares you for;

  • conducting yourself according to the highest international standards of protocol;
  • elevating your company, country and  the African Continent to a level playing field with the rest of the world;
  • socialising with style, charisma and professionalism.
  • National government officials
  • International organisations staff
  • Practicing diplomats, civil servants, and those who wish to refresh or expand their knowledge of international protocol
  • Corporate/business executives
  • Diplomatic/government protocol officers
  • Personal assistants
  • PR consultants
  • Meeting and special events professional/consultants,
  • Corporate executives and managers
  • International and regional organizations staff, NGO staff
  • Executive/legal administrative professionals
  • Human relations professionals
  • Global entrepreneurs
  • Journalists
  • Interpreters

Those who wish to improve their understanding of international protocol and those whose profession requires communicating and socializing in the global marketplace.

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