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Protocol Training

learn the skills to become proficient in protocol and diplomacy.

Etiquette and Refinement

Your success is defined by the impression you create, are you creating the correct one?

Leadership Training

Leadership qualities are a necessity for success, fine tune these to ensure your success in life.

Image Consultations

You give very important information or misinformation about yourself through the clothes you wear.

Steps to Success

there is a very simple equation to achieving your goals, learn them to ensure you achieve.

Presidential and Diplomatic Grooming

Being in front of the public eye is daunting, learn all the tools to exude charisma and class.

Welcome to AfroProtocol

Courtenay Kléu is co-founder and director of both The South African School of Etiquette and The African Institute of Protocol.

She is an expert in International Etiquette and Protocol, an accomplished speaker, regular radio host and a Neuro-linguistic programmer.

She is Africa’s most highly qualified etiquette consultant having attended:

The Protocol School of Washington and qualified as a trainer in International Etiquette and Protocol

The European School of Protocol and qualified as a trainer in International Diplomacy and Protocol

The New York School of Etiquette and was certified in the Social Success Make-over Program, item International and was certified in Intercultural Management

‘Centre for Body Language and was certified as a Micro expression and Body Language Trainer

Chata Romano International Image Consultants and certified as an Image Consultant

Evolved Coaching and is a qualified Neuro-linguistic Programmer

Prior to founding the African Institute of Protocol, she graduated from the University of Cape Town with a:

Degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics

Postgraduate in Entrepreneurship

Internet Marketing


Fraser Carey is director of The South African School of Etiquette and an elite trainer for The African Institute of Protocol.  He qualified as an attorney, specializing in corporate law and found that his life was drawing him in a different direction.

He then started a number of manufacturing businesses, many of which enjoyed major success and international acclamation.

He is an esteemed public speaker and an expert in the field of Truly Human Leadership, Happiness in the Workplace, Success and Conversational Intelligence.

He has been personally trained by the following people:

Jack Canfield- Success Principles

Bob Copeland- Truly Human Leadership

Alexander Kjerif- Happiness in the Workplace

Fraser maintains that inspiring, empowering and igniting hope in the human heart gives him huge joy and is now his life’s purpose.

Sharon Carey was owner of an award winning boutique hotel, she is also owner of The School of Etiquette.

Sharon spent many years hosting some of the most glamorous events in Africa.  She is an expert in the field of Events Coordinating; and Service and Hospitality.

Sharon trains on the following topics:

Entertaining and Dining

Food and Drink Service


Customer Service

Kane William Pretorius, started his training by completing his Business Etiquette Training Qualification at the age of 19 and after completing school, went on to study Economics at Monash University.

From there, He very soon realized that he enjoyed working with people, and after a few years of corporate experience decided to venture back to the world of public speaking and developing the social skills of people around him.

Kane is a certified Life Coach assisting people with overcoming self-limiting beliefs and creating success forming habits. He is also a registered member of the Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA).

His many years of work experience and travels have convinced him of the importance of etiquette and civility in our everyday lives, as well as at our places of work. He is proud to say that he has practiced and lived his life, according to what he teaches.

Kane’s interests lie in human connection and social skills which reflect his passion and thorough knowledge of the subject.

Courtenay CareyFounder and Owner

Sharon CareyTrainer

Kane PretoriusTrainer

Fraser CareyTrainer

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