Free Seating Protocol

Seating Protocol

Are you in events coordinating?

Do you arrange events for high level executives, diplomats or government officials?

Or perhaps you’re considering a new career as a protocol officer?

Did you know that specific people need to be placed in specific seats according to their rank, title or position?

Have you ever wondered how to put together a professional seating plan?

Often event planners or personal assistants are unaware that if they overlook this seemingly simple aspect, they can cause insult or embarrassment.

In order to be a protocol consultant or effectively manage high level events you will need to master the very basics of operational protocol.

One of these operations includes planning seating arrangements according to precedence.

With the evolution of globalization, protocol has become a highly sophisticated and strategic asset in today’s business and diplomatic world.

In this free online course you will how to create seating plans according to precedence.

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