International Diplomacy and Protocol Masterclass

Do you interact with international governments, diplomatic/consular staff, trade missions or high level corporate executives?

If so, are you observing the correct behaviour and protocols that will facilitate those interactions to a successful conclusion?

In this 4 day highly intensive course, International Diplomacy and Protocol Advanced Masterclass you will learn –

  • The art of International and Corporate Diplomacy;
  • How to create an environment where you are aware of your role and responsibilities thereby reducing your anxiety when dealing with VIPs;
  • How to create a safe environment for fostering and facilitating your relationships. 
We are aware that in dealings between countries and/or companies the stakes are extremely high and the margins for rifts and errors are catastrophic, if not handled correctly. 
In fact without protocol the potential for catastrophic errors and misunderstandings weighs heavily on the shoulders of those responsible.

This is the most advanced course offered on the African continent that prepares you for good leadership and correct dealings in potentially volatile situations.

You will learn the following things:

  • How to create a more likeable brand of yourself
  • Become more charismatic
  • Engage new acquaintances with ease
  • Deal with stressful situations in a calm manner
  • Seat VIP’s according to precedence
  • Organize a diplomatic or ceremonial event with ease
  • Use Correct titles of address
  • Conference Handling
  • Dining proficiency

You will learn the following:

Day 1: Social Intelligence and Business Etiquette

  • Self-esteem
  • Body Language that reflects power
  • Building Rapport in seconds
  • Eye Contact for every environment
  • Preparing for Events and Meetings
  • Memorable Entrances
  • How to join groups
  • How to network like a pro
  • Small Talk- what to say and what not to say
  • Exiting conversations
  • Business Introductions
  • Dealing with Unhappy People
  • Email etiquette
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Cell-phone etiquette

Day 2: Grooming and Suit Education

  • Deportment
  • Professional Make-Up Course (Women)
  • Grooming
  • Suit Education and Fitting (Men)
  • Tea Etiquette

Day 3: Entertaining and Dining

  • Business meetings over the table
  • Where to seat everyone
  • Taking your seat
  • Ordering meals and hospitality limits
  • Cutlery placement
  • Setting the table
  • Do’s and don’ts of dining
  • Home entertaining
  • Wine tasting and etiquette

Day 4: Protocol and Diplomacy

  • Protocol Officer Responsibilities
  • Hosting International Visits
  • Precedence and Seating Protocol
  • Flag Placement Protocol
  • Hanging of Official Photographs
  • Styles and titles of address
  • Invitations and Reminders
  • Conference Planning
  • VIP Protection
  • Dressing for the Event
Duration Price

4 days

Individual Foreign Delegate
R26 950.00 $2 100

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