Online International Diplomacy and Protocol Masterclass

Online International Diplomacy and Protocol Masterclass

Represent your country or your organisation in a seamlessly professional way.

What is The Online International Diplomacy and Protocol course all about?

This is an online training programme designed in collaboration with The African Institute of Protocol to teach you all the diplomatic and ceremonial protocols necessary to host successful visits and events.  It is geared towards the individual wishing to brush up on their knowledge or pursue a career in government, diplomacy and high level events coordination.


How it Works

Students will learn:


5 Chapters

Each skill has been assigned to one of 5 Chapters.

Each chapter is packed with meticulous research, clearly defined learning outcomes, and historical case studies.



Get 150+ page downloadable workbook that includes every requisite piece of information about protocol and diplomacy. It also includes a copyrighted comprehensive checklist and layouts for signing ceremonies, airport arrivals, banquets and seating plans.



There is one assignment per video tutorial. Students will submit a total of 12 Assignments including a final assessment.



Students receive 4 year access to AppVantage. A learning app that will include a summarized version of their course, the layouts for events and the checklist.  This will ensure that you have all the information quickly and easily accessible for those high pressure times.


Free Consultation

You receive a hour free consultation with one of our Trainers to ask any questions and share any real life challenges you may have in your day-to-day responsibilities.

International Diplomacy and Protocol is completely virtual.  You can get instant access to your course, allowing you to do study at any time from anywhere.  The video tutorials are quick, punchy and filled with all the necessary information to upskill you in the shortest time.


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