Presidential Package

business protocol training

This course is reserved for presidents, first ladies, celebrities or any high level individual who wishes to fast track their social, business and protocol knowledge. This is the only course in the world that will prepare you for you a life of huge responsibility and media attention.

You are constantly under the glare of the media and the public’s watchful eye which leaves very little space for mishaps under their unforgiving eye.

This course will give you access to one-on-one business protocol training from several experts who will groom and prepare you for your life of responsibility.

You will learn and experience the following things:

  • The Importance of an immaculate image

-An image consultant will measure and advise you on the correct clothing style for your body and/or event, this does include the option of a personal shopper. You will also be advised on general grooming and overall image.

  • Posture and Body Language

-The correct posture can exude power, authority and charisma whilst a bad posture can reflect weakness and low self-esteem.

– Through learning and understanding body language, you will read into a secret unspoken language that will uncover many hidden meanings that would have previously gone unnoticed.

– Most of what we communicate is conveyed through our body language, what we say is emphasised through how we say it with our body. In this section you will learn how to use different positions to re-enforce what you say.

  • Social Intelligence

-How to engage with people and make them feel comfortable, countless benefits come from making people like you.

-You will learn how to mingle and network a room, how to make someone like you in under 2 minutes, the acceptable topics to speak about, how to choose a group to join, how to make a memorable entrance anymore specifically how to garner support and favour with new acquaintances.

  • How to Entertain like a World Leader

-It is common knowledge that many events, meetings, state visits or conferences happen around a dining table, you will learn how to navigate the table with flawless ease whilst still remaining in charge and charming.

  • Achieving Success

-There are a number of tools and techniques that one can use to achieve greater success, so simple and effective yet tools most of us were never given previously in life.  This section will help you implement and achieve all the goals you have dreamt about yet felt in capable of correctly implementing in your career and everyday life.

  • Truly Human Leadership

-You are in a position of power and with this comes huge responsibility for those people you direct.  You will learn how to effectively lead and speak to people.  How to motivate and inspire people as opposed to the use of force as the motivating tool.

This package will vary from classroom instruction, to practical implementation in the real world. You will have a team of professionals who will accompany you to different environments, coaching, grooming and consulting for different events.

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The time frame will vary
depending on choice and
implementation of skills.


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