I do not know how to thank you guys, the training has helped me to be more confident and enthusiastic in discharging my responsibilities. I am so energised, the sense of fear I use to have when given a task is not so overwhelming like it used to be and I know in time it will be a thing of the past.

My boss has even gained more confidence in me, he now asks for my input all the time and asks if he is still on the right track. The pointers you gave me have really assisted in this regard. Many thanks to you. – Protocol Masterclass

N. Ceba.

The School of Etiquette has changed my life. Being taught by the qualified experts in Protocol is the highlight of my future career. Now that I have completed the training, I feel empowered and I am leaving full of knowledge about Protocol and how a Protocol Officer should work and behave.” – International Diplomacy & Protocol Masterclass

Paul-Emile Adjoumani

The workshop was an eye opener, gave a new meaning to first impressions and making a lasting one.” – International Business Etiquette

N. Mlilo

These are great skills!! Everyone that is interested in developing themselves, and striving for success needs this. This is not only for the business sector, but also for one’s personal life. – International Business Etiquette

P. Mafoyane

This course is an excellent addition to a professionals technical qualifications and experiences. It is vital in order to prepare for senior positions and learn how to behave in different environments.”

L. Jackson

I am still talking about how amazing my training experience with your company was. It was great to meet you all. Thank you for being such gracious hosts and treating me so royally. I enjoyed everything, from the exquisite meals, the venue, the training material, the warm hospitality and everything in between! The level of content and delivery not just meets International Standards but exceeds it. I want more”

A. Singh

I immediately implemented my social skills on the plane and for the first time I talked to the person sitting next to me for the duration of flight and it was easier to converse on family, movies and fine dining. I arrived at 22:00pm, and at 8:00am the next day I was doing a function in which we had 2000 guests. 

In Attendance we had a former Vice President and excellencies from different embassies. I sat 30 signatories at the table using the French seating format and it was easy. As director of proceedings, I practiced making an entrance and correct standing posture while I watched everyone, and I couldn’t help but notice that, if they had been to your course they wouldn’t have made so many mistakes at the table. 

Your school is simply the best in preparing us for world impact. Already opportunities keep opening. May God bless you and all the staff.

I Mukwasa



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